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here we go…. my first attempt at spot welding.

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First thing I did was built a spark damn out of cardboard to contain metal bit during clean up and sparks, etc. when welding the replacement sheet metal into place – taking care not to have things close enough to ignite! I made sure to liberally apply weld-through primer.
Here we are after getting things welded in and the ugly, UGLY welds ground roughly flush. I applied more primer here to get into all the nooks and crannies of the exposed metal.
Next I applied body filler to the welds, sanded that all “smooth-ish” and painted everything with Rustoleum.
So – as with my boat building experience – given enough time and effort, most everything I do can be made to look “passable”…


OK, let’s start on the engine bay

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the Stang has the, rather typical, engine bay rot under the battery tray.

battery acid has eaten through many places int that leaving, a flimsy, paper-thin panel – here it is, after I removed it from the Stang.
and here’s result on the engine bay after drilling out all of the spot welds. Now I’m committed…
the remaining metal is in pretty good shape and cleaned up well. Here’s the view from the outside before I cleaned up things… pretty good overall, mostly surface rust.


look at it go!

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here’s a snapshot of my brother – the “driving” force of the mechanical rebuilt – running the Stang up and down the lane… it gets his “squeal” of approaval…
now we move onto a) attach the exhaust and b) fixed the rotten floors and engine compartment (under the battery)… perhaps not in that order.

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