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Passenger Side Rear Footwell finished up

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Well, after a great deal of fitting, spot welding and grinding the rear footwell is in behind the passenger seat.
I wouldn’t say that it is a great job but it worked out in the end and after painting over with Rustoleum here –
and after filling all the gaps with seam sealer, I think it will do just fine.


a surprise under the driver’s side rear floor!

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Now, I should have known better but there was more trouble brewing… the floor behind the driver’s seat had been replaced and heavily puttied around the rim of the seat pan. But…. investigation under the seat showed a much smaller area had been cut beneath and the seam hadn’t been welded or puttied.

it turns out that the replacement metal had been just placed atop of the cutout, spot welded in irritating places and then puttied like there was no tomorrow – hence this rust underneath the overlap:

it took quite a while to cut, hammer and grind out that replacement –

and now I’ve two rear footwells to replace…


Let’s start on the floors…

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After an interlude in which we renovated the basement, I’m back at the car. Here are the floors with the typical rot one sees in Mustangs – the passenger side front seat floor:

the floor under the driver’s feet:

the floor behind the passenger’s seat – let’s tackle that first:

cut out with a sawzall…

here it is after grinding off the rust and excess metal and welds:

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