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Sable – the next project – a day sailer that can be rowed….

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as they say, “idle hands…..” – sitting here waiting for our house to sell is tedium writ large – or writ long, I suppose. You can’t do anything other than pack up stuff. You can’t start new projects, you can’t work on packed up projects; you just sit around waiting….

anyway, this is the next project – a 16′ rowing skiff which can be readily rigged up to sail. I’ve been looking at these for years now and this is the plan I want to try next, Iain Oughtred’s Penny Fee:


I think it fits nicely with my existing skill sets and sailing interests. I want to fit it out yawl-rigged as I imagine I’ll be sailing this around alone much of the time… Here’s what another fellow has done and I think it looks cool as Hell…


and here it is under sail… I’m envious.


I plan on naming this after our dog Sable, a small heavy-set lab-mix with a black coat and a grey muzzle. She came to our house years ago already better than 12 years of age. She was absolutely mad for the ball and, although she would tire after one or two retrieved tosses, she would wake me each morning with an excited bark to get the game underway! I’ll hunt for her picture…


Stang finally arrives in Three Brooks….

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Well, it was eventful, stressful and expensive (somewhat) but the Stang finally arrived on Otter Road this evening….




Now we have to catch up and get the rebuild going again.


Stang on the move!

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The Stang is moving to Nova Scotia in anticipation of our move ‘Down East’. Here she is waiting for the shipping company to pick


She will travel to Boston and then we’ll see about getting her up to Three Brooks….

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